Favorites for Fall 2010 (1) - Socks

August 31, 2010

As I officially announced the end of Summer, it seems the Fall is knocking on the door. For September I'll try to show you my favorite trends for the fall, each in one week with all outfits devoted to it. My official number one, of course, are socks - whether they are short or thigh high, delicate or rough, transparent, lacy, dotted, I love them all.


Runway inspiration: Marc Jacobs Fall 2010; Prada Fall 2010; Dior Prefall 2010; Alexander Wang Fall 2010. Proenza Schouler Fall 2010; Marni Prefall 2010; Marni Fall 2010, Louis Vuitton Prefall 2010; Miu Miu Prefall 2010 (all by www.style.com).
След като официално обявих края на лятото, изглежда есента вече чука на вратата. Ето защо реших през септември да консолидирам аутфит постовете около четири теми, представяйки любимите ми тенденции за есента и интерпретациите върху тях. Естествено започвам с чорапите, като моя истинска слабост, и перфектен елемент за полу-летни/полу-есенни тоалети.

Outfit: skirt Bershka, top Golden point, socks Sisi, shoes H&M, blazer Zara, bracelet Mango.

Inspiration: Celine Fall 2010, Francesco Scognamiglio Resort 2011 (http://www.style.com/).

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  1. Loving the look


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  2. love the black and white sophisticated look :)
    your friend from whatwouldkarldo.com xxxxxxx

  3. I think I was right when I said socks are your trade mark. This outfit proves it. You look beautiful.

  4. I'm also in love with socks for this autum/winter! :D And you look so pretty with them!

    Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment


  5. Thanks for your comments...and @Ivo - your remark from yesterday inspired me partly for this post. You always hit the point :)

  6. I admire your style :) Have a great week (:


  7. absolutely love the studs on your skirt. love your blog too. great style :) how come you're not on bloglovin? wanted to follow you..


  8. love the outfit!
    ~ x♥x♥ :)


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