The Devil is in the details

November 23, 2011

Zara recently has surprised me pleasantly with beautiful, simple, well-executed models with references to the best collections. This skirt impressed me with its asymmetry and white delicate details. The contrast is very subtle and unobtrusive, and the white inner lining is a very stylish accent.
Photobucket Outfit: cardi and skirt Zara, lace blouse Mango, detachable Peter pan collar - Sonya Naidenova, hat H&M, bag vintage, tights with imitation of socks Omsa.
 Inspiration: LV Fall 2011 - Frida Gustavsson for the November issue of Elle Sweden lensed by Andreas Öhlund; Ginta Lapina and Andrej Pejic for Numéro #128 lensed by Sebastian Kim (
Zara напоследък все по-приятно ме изненадват с красиви, семпли, добре изпълнени модели с отпратки към най-добрите колекции. Тази пола ме впечатли с асиметрията си и деликатните бели детайли. Контрастът е много фин и ненатрапчив, а вътрешния бял хастар е много стилен акцент. Единственото затруднение е при ходенето, но никога няма перфектен баланс между дизайн и функционалност :)

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6 коментара

  1. Великолепна! Това си ти!

  2. Чорапогащникът е просто УАУ! Полата е много секси. Страхотен аутфит.

  3. Awesome blog!

  4. Definitely one of my fave high-end street brands! Must hit Zara soon!

    Adore your blog! Hope you can visit my blog back. Also, following you on Google Connect and I hope you could follow me too...that would be sweet!

    Much love from Canada~

  5. love it - you look great! and i agree - zara has really stepped it up with great pieces this season, have to stop myself from buying too much! haha :)

    B x

  6. The collars of these dresses are all lovely. They all looked amazing!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!


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