Favorites - Burberry inspired zipped coat

October 22, 2010

When it comes to question of affordable substitutes of the Fall Burberry collection outerwear, I would rather choose the blue zipped coat than the shearling jacket. All faux shearling jackets at affordable prices look good from a glance and quite poor at a closer look, while this coat can be resembled with more decent quality. Still I haven't tried on this Stradivarius coat, but this weekend I'll check it out.


Когато става въпрос за достъпни заместители на връхните дрехи от есенната колекция на Burberry, бих предпочела тъмно синьото палто с ципове на талията пред коженото яке с овча вата. Всички подобия на достъпни цени от изкуствена кожа изглеждат добре на пръв поглед, но доста зле при по-внимателно вглеждане, докато това палто може да бъде наподобено с по-добро качество. Все още не съм го пробвала, но този уикенд ще го проверя.
Photos by www.stocholmstreetstyle.feber.se, www.style.com, www.stradivarius.es.

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6 коментара

  1. I couldn't agree more with you. Shearling jackets are of a life time not just for the season, so it has to be the real good quality one. I still remember the one I missed last year. :(

    Pass your feedback when you see the zip coat. I am really interested in it. And do not forget-no shopping till Christmas! :P

    P.S. Sorry for the long comment, but the link to Stradivarius sends you to the musical instruments instead. ;)

  2. amazing coats!


  3. I'm repeating it every day 10 times at least "No shopping till New Year". Though my rules are less fierce than yours (hosiery isn't limitted, neither cosmetics), it's pretty hard. Still haven't stumbled upon a perfect piece to tempt me irresistibly.

    ...and yes the link is .es, not .com :)

  4. i would love to have one like that, its gorgeous!

  5. Amaziiiing coat!!

    .sabo skirt.


  6. Вчера видях едно палто,приличащо на това на Бърбари.С една идея по късо,но пак така страхотно.На Kensol e .


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