Rethinking shopping habbits

September 03, 2010

These days I'm deeply inspired by a post of a fellow fashion blogger and friend Yvo from one2ten, who stated to quit shopping for one whole year. His arguments are so convincing, logical and well motivated that made me consider rethinking of my shopping habits too. So I decided to quit shopping, not for a year, but for 4 months till the end of 2010, just because I know that when winter sales begin all my decisiveness will vanish.


Outfit: dress Bershka, tights Sisi, shoes Zara, belt and necklace Mango.
Inspiration: Proenza Schouler S/S and Fall 2010 (

Тези дни съм дълбоко вдъхновена от поста на Иво от one2ten, че спира пазаруването за една цяла година. Неговите аргументи са толкова убедителни, логични и добре мотивирани, че ме накараха да преосмисля и моите навици за пазаруване. Присъединявам към неговите усилия и спирам пазаруването за 4 месеца, защото предполагам, че със зимните намаления цялата ми решимост ще се изпари. Дотогава ще преоткрия всичко насъбрало се в гардероба и вместо пари, ще инвестирам комбинативност, идеи и творческо мислене.

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13 коментара

  1. wow thats a big commitment! at the start of summer i vowed to only buy charity shop pieces and did well.. until the other day when i spent £200 on asos, the guilt was incredible! maybe i will try this again too. good luck, please keep us posted!


  2. засичам :-*

  3. Gorgeous outif, the necklace is super chic-rock, love it!

  4. <3greatttt blog
    I'm following u, ok??


  5. Love the color!

  6. That's a nice commitment! U will save alot of money,but also reuse your wardrobe and maybe combine things=)

  7. i think it's a fabulous commitment. i think it develops your creativity into something far more exciting than if you were buying new things every week. i think this outfit is just gorgeous!!! the blue is amazing on you. definitely your new follower :)

  8. that is gorgeous! i love the belt- completes the outfit!

  9. very cute! I love blue!! xx

  10. Thanks for your support!
    Благодаря :)

  11. Two minds are stronger than one. You have my full support and I stay right behind you. I am sure we can do it.

    P.S. You made my evening by telling you were inpsired by my post. Thanx dear. ;)


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