Interpretations on swallows

August 10, 2010


Outfit: shirt and shoes Zara, shorts: Zara/Levi's with Zara belt, scarf Zara.

Inspiration: swallow print on Zara T-shirt; swallow print on Miu Miu S/S 2010 (

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8 коментара

  1. I believe we are developing quite similar obsessions with Zara and Mango :P

    I am definitely in love now with your blog since I always find new and exciting ideas!

  2. I can definitely say it now-outfit after outfit girl, you are getting better, prettier and very very creative. Love the new direction you are taking.

  3. absolutely love the swallow print. its so adictive

  4. I absolutley love the scarf with the swallow print. first time visiting- definitely cool

  5. You look very beautiful! :) I love your shorts!

  6. great legs! very sexy outfit :)


Every comment is a reflection of my inspiration and I'm appreciating it!