Floral sunset

July 30, 2010


Outfit: dress Miss Selfridge, sunglasses, belt and bracelet Mango, bag Sisley, shoes Zara, ring H&M.
Inspiration: Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2010 lookbook

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5 коментара

  1. WOoow this sunset is strongly placed under the sign of floral exquisiteness with such a Dress, AND your so sexy/haughty allure truly achieves to enshroud it on such a seductive halo !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. What can I say - the dress, the belt, the bag... all statement pieces that blend perfectly!!!

    P.S. Is this a Mango bag in the post below? The one in light brown... I hesitated several times whether to get it, it was too big for my taste :) But lucky you if you bought it, I regret not having it now...

  3. Thanks :) Yes, it's a Mango bag, turned out to be a perfect piece, especially when is half price.

  4. Страхотна лятна феерия!! Абе, лятото си е за рокли, няма какво!

  5. Sexi:P I luv u dress and glasses <3



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