New school look

April 13, 2010

The college look is gaining great popularity recently - high knee socks, plaid skirts, short cardigans, oxford shoes, rugby inspired blouses, baby doll dresses. Comfortable and sexy, this look is for the girl in every one of us. Best examples of the trend seen in the latest editorial "Shrink to fit", Vogue Italy April 2010, shooted by Steven Maisel.


Колежанското вдъхновение отново набра популярност - високи чорапи, къси карирани поли и жилетки, обувки тип оксфордки, рокли с висока талия, блузи, с подсилени рамене, вдъхновени от ръгбито. Удобен и секси, небрежен и с особено очарование, това е стил за порасналото момиче, запазило бунтарския дух в себе си.

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4 коментара

  1. Gorgeous, darling!
    Love these sporty looks!


  2. i want to pull off these looks! WISH i could wear them to school eheh great blog i really like your photos :)


  3. love this editorial
    thanks for sharing
    join my giveaway :) 1205 giveaway


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