Jan 5, 2010

H&M Spring 2010

If right after the holiday season the spring arrived instead of freezing winter, everything would seem rather perfect. Now, watching the unpredicted thousand snowflakes going down, forming piles of snow here and there, and imagining how I will go out and stumble with my decent highheel boots which last function is to preserve from cold and ice, I rather prefer thinking of spring, counting down the days to it. Here are some of the first pics of the spring ad campaign of H&M - at first look did not like them too much, just simple and comfortable, but nothing inspirational or edgy. Now I begin slowly to like them, just imagining how nice the life will be that warm and careless.
Photos by www. fashionising.com.

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  1. I'm still not impressed about the campagne. But I'm a black&edgy type of girl!


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